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It's been SO LONG since I've done anything with my LJ that this was crazy trying to set up a dreamwidth account. But I be here! Mostly because most of my followers and communities are migrating, so I might as well too.

I may not post, but I read most days.

My parents came out again this weekend and we made more excellent progress. We hung a bunch of pictures (all of the art in the bedrooms is hung, most of the living room art, aside from my K-State wall, and the kitchen art). The back room is going to be such a work in progress though. Plus, since my parents are way more skilled at gardening than I (seriously, ask me to keep an animal alive and I can do it. Ask me to keep a plant alive and I may kill it in a week.) so we fixed one of my big flowerbeds and planted a bunch of stuff that my dad swears I cannot kill. And I got tutorials in rose pruning. They might just make a gardener out of me before long.

I'm too tired tonight but I'll post more pictures soon. Maybe not before next weekend because I have a huge local music festival that I have to work all weekend.

Also, I have a variety of social media accounts that you can follow me on where I post way more regularly than DW/LJ, so feel free to friend me on there:
Twitter/Snapchat: nomadicwildcat (my Twitter is locked because I post a lot of political stuff, which work would frown on)
Instagram: wendytakesdenton

(also, may I just say having 15 icons is the BOMB)
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